Businesses in a small community such as New Bern often require complete IT services without being able to staff a dedicated employee. Computer Services LLC. is able to fill this role, providing the expertise necessary to keep your computer systems operating smoothly. We offer full network installations from computer equipment to wiring. We are a Dell authorized reseller, offering workstations and servers of surpassing quality. We are also an Allworx VoIP systems partner, offering complete phone system installs. Already have an existing system and looking for consultation and repair? We are pleased to work with you in order to see your systems functional again. 

Small Business

Home User

We also support home users in our local area, offering services such as laptop screen replacements, hard drive replacements, data recoveries, new computer installs, and more. All of our technicians are active members of this community, having also all graduated from the local college. We pride ourselves in being friendly and approachable. We are pleased to be able to make connections with the individuals of our local community, providing technical support to those in need.